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PharmaC (The Clatterbridge Pharmacy Ltd) opened in Wirral in December 2013, and expanded into Liverpool when The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre opened its new flagship hospital in the city centre in June 2020. 

Feedback from our patients:

  • "Great set-up and very professional”
  • “Excellent! Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff"
  • "Very helpful, efficient and went out of way to explain the medicines"

PharmaC continues to develop its range of services for The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre patients, staff and visitors. PharmaC takes patient feedback seriously and these are some of the changes you have suggested and we have made:

  • No signs in the Wirral cancer centre to PharmaC - new wayfinding signage designed to help direct patients to the PharmaC dispensery.
  • Not enough chairs in waiting area - we increased the number and type of chairs from two to six.
  • The entrance door is not automatic - we installed a motorised door.
  • No clock in waiting area - we installed a clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is PharmaC?

PharmaC is a specialist pharmacy for cancer patients provided on site at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool and Wirral. In addition to traditional pharmacy services, PharmaC provides specialist cancer dispensing services to help patients manage their healthcare and medicines in one place.

Can I collect my GP prescriptions at PharmaC?

Currently PharmaC does not hold a community pharmacy contract. Without this contract we are not able to dispense prescriptions you get from your family GP. We would like to be able to offer this service in the future so we are currently looking in to this.

Will I need to pay for my prescriptions?

NHS patients treated for cancer at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre do not have to pay for their prescriptions from PharmaC.

Cancer patients are exempt from ALL prescription charges (not just those dispensed at PharmaC for cancer) dispensed on or after 01 April 2009. This means all cancer patients do not have to pay for their prescriptions at any community pharmacies after this date.

What happens when I run out of my medicines?

At your clinic appointment, your consultant or member of their team will go through your treatment plan and discuss plans for follow-up appointments. If a hospital outpatient form is issued, this will need to be taken to PharmaC for dispensing. A copy of the form will also be given to you to pass on to your GP for information as well as to facilitate repeat prescriptions of long term medicines.

Your cancer medicines and some specialist treatments will continue to be supplied from The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. If you are taking other medication, these will continue to be prescribed by your GP and supplied through your normal community pharmacy.

Can I buy over-the-counter medicines from PharmaC?

PharmaC sells a range of over-the-counter medicines to the public. We also stock specialist aids for cancer patients, such as digital thermometers, portable bidets and medicine support aids.

Can a relative or friend collect my prescription for me?

For safety reasons, patients must collect their own medicines from PharmaC. PharmaC will only give the medication to a representative in exceptional circumstances.

Opening Times


Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm


Monday to Friday:9:00am - 1:00pm

PharmaC has been an extremely successful development for the Trust and has consistently delivered improved services for our patients.

Graham Aitken



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The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre
NHS Foundation Trust
Clatterbridge Road
Bebington, Wirral CH63 4JY

Tel: 0151 556 5820

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Disabled access to the pharmacy is available via both entrances. If disabled customers require any assistance with using any of our services, please contact the PharmaC team.

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